Ulrike & Will’s Flora Farms Wedding

Ulrike is beautiful, and she was a truly mesmerizing bride. We planned her wedding day makeup and hair look, talking about two options. The first wedding makeup look we tried was glamorous, while the other was more natural. Both suited her perfectly, but because of their wedding location at Flora Farms, the natural surroundings, and her beautiful dress, we decided that the natural look would be best for her special day.

For her wedding hair, we created soft beach waves. Her hair is beautiful and thick, and the hairstyle framed her face beautifully and complemented her makeup perfectly.

For her eyes, I used Chanel’s eyeshadow palette Tissé Vendomé, which features soft colors with a touch of shimmer. In brightened her eyelids’ inner corners with a highlighter, and on the outer corners I added a bit of the intensifier, which created a lovely natural shade. The eyeliner I used was Light Brown by Mac (in a shade Our Secret), and I used Demi Wispies Eyelashes to accent her beautiful eyes and a waterproof mascara from Inglot. Her lipstick was Darling Pink from Chanel.

For her foundation, I used a light HD foundation from Inglot, which helped me even out her skin tone, and we applied Airbrush Makeup to set her makeup for the entire day.

Wishing you all the love, today and always,
Alma & Alma Vallejo Cabo Makeup & Hair Team

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It was a pleasure of working with this amazing wedding team:
- Wedding Makeup & Hair: Alma Vallejo Cabo Makeup and Hair Professionals
- Wedding Photographer: FunkyTown Photography.
- Wedding Location: Flora Farms, San Jose del Cabo.

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